Scenic and Costume Designer: Martin T. Lopez; Lighting Designer: Josh Epstein
Lawrence Edelson, Director and Choreographer
Wolf Trap Opera - 2006

“Lawrence Edelson directed fluidly and often created striking stage pictures, none more potent than the sight of Orpheus, after his tragic glance back at Eurydice on their way out of the Underworld, hanging on a ladder, as physically devastated as the rose he crushed in his hand, the petals falling with the Act II curtain. There also was some effective whimsy here and there, including wonderfully animated choreography for the Orpheus-Eurydice wedding party...”

- Opera News

”...a classy affair, with more than enough imagination and skill to turn the only recently unearthed Telemann work into a hot property.”

- The Baltimore Sun

”An Orpheus with spirit...it’s a delight to have it back...Designer Martin T. Lopez’s sets were creative and highly evocative for so small a space.”

- The Washington Times

”Wolf Trap Opera offered an entertaining and energized production, not only updated in costumes and sets, but in the acting and the perpetual motion of the singers... Director Lawrence Edelson did a splendid job of making the work relevant and understandable...”

- Opera Now

”... a stunningly touching and entertaining production...beautifully balanced... sets are simple but evocative, the lighting is outstanding, and the costumes mix the fanciful and the contemporary with intentional ambiguity.”

- The Washington Post