H.M.S. Pinafore


Scenic Designer: Martin T. Lopez; Costume Designer: Alan Smith; Lighting Designer: Jeff Bruckerhoff
Lawrence Edelson, Director and Choreographer
Opera Saratoga - 2013
Photos by Gary David Gold

“...there was something for everyone in the multi-generational audience on Sunday afternoon. There was silliness, sly political humor, sexual innuendo, good-natured stock characters, and memorable songs and performances... The opening number had the chorus of sailors doing synchronized push ups, and then astonishingly had them start singing while at the top of a push up – no out of shape sailors/singers here. To counteract this macho display the sailors later pulled out pompoms, performing cheerleader-type routines. There was a lot of physical humor, which was a nice counterpoint to the rapid-fire lyrics... With the entrance of Little Buttercup, ably sung by Janara Kellerman, the silliness began in earnest, not only verbally, but physically, in the general bawdiness and seemingly endless goods for sale that she had secreted on herself – sausages and scarves from her bosom, peppermint drops from her hair, and many other assorted goods, culminating with her pulling out a credit card swiper.”

The Albany Times Union

”Set designer Martin Lopez’s ingenious use of the entire stage gave the production a spiffy new look. Instead of a painted backdrop, there were three light boxes of blue sky and clouds. The orchestra, which was cleverly dressed as 19th century sailors, was put visibly on the second level of the ship and was obviously to be seen as the ship’s orchestra... With the audience primed for a comic show, it was not disappointed. The singing was sensational, the acting was convincing and comically apt, and everything that supported the cast from the costumes to the lighting was on target....The lightheartedness of this traditional yet cleverly comic production, the blocking and the marvelous dance routines were the results of Lawrence Edelson’s directing and choreography. He surprised the audience like a magician and it guffawed happily.”

The Daily Gazette